Genesee Packaging Case Studies | Proof in Our Process

Warehouse & Sequencing Operation

Customer was opening up a new operation with a need for offsite warehousing, inventory management and sequencing of material.  The customer needed purchasing of packaging material, the management of multiple suppliers (their quality and on time delivery), inventory control and the development of a computer software. This software program needed to identify their customers packaging requirements when truck loads of various raw material would arrive on their site.  Our job was to ship to the customer, packaging material in a JIT manner to match the inbound raw material by the truck load in production sequence.  This customer lacked space and expertise to manage this kind of operation and had no software system to support the requirements.



  • Designed and developed software to communicate with the customers’ MRP software, to determine requirements and live packaging needs.
  • Developed an error proof method to match packaging material with raw material trailers in house and at customer.
  • Acquired the necessary warehouse space, racking and equipment to support the operation quickly.
  • Utilized knowledgeable in house employees to support the warehousing operation.
  • Developed Supply base and inventory levels to support the operation.
  • Worked closely in partnership with the customer to determine their needs to incorporate these into our process.


  • Pick and shipped 10 million pieces of packaging material a month into the customer
  • Zero parts per million error rate, 99.999% accuracy.
  • Reduced a 10 digit alpha/numeric code to a visual picture system to reduce errors.
  • Reduced inventory carrying costs by 60%
  • Reduced required warehouse space by 30%
  • Supplied warehouse space and labor at half the rate customer could perform the task
  • Save the customer transportation costs, by using our own logistics and transportation equipment and team.